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How do you make the tutorials?

I use motion graphics software.

Merlin’s beard! It must take a lot of time!

It does! 😉

Can I watch all these videos for free?


Do I have to register / make an account / pay for something?

No, no, no. Just choose a video and watch it, as many times as you want.

Is there any way to help you?

If my videos help you, consider favoriting and sharing them on your social networks, that will be a good way to support the channel 😉 And don’t forget to leave a comment!

Do you take requests?

I try to make the tutorials as comprehensive and detailed as possible because I want them to be truly useful for learning. So given the time it takes to make each video, I am not able to take requests. However, I listen to them and I keep in mind if any of them is repeated many times.

Can I be notified when a new video is uploaded?

Yes. If you enable the “Send me notifications” option when you subscribe to the channel, you will receive a notification from YouTube each time I upload a new video.

Can I provide ideas to improve the tutorials?

Do it!

Tip: HD or 4K options in the video’s drop-down menu will give you the best quality.

Thank you very much to all the subscribers. Your support is much appreciated 🙂


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